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ADD/ADHD: Check Your Meds

child teasingThis has rapidly turned into an inappropriate prescription pattern that is played out daily in physician offices all across this country. First and foremost, it is difficult enough for parents to come to grips with the reality that their child suffers with ADD/ADHD. Secondly, they now have to very reluctantly turn to medication for answers. Well, the prognosis is not good at all. Yes, these young children are agitated, easily distracted, and at times aggressive, however, there is a better way to treat them. I’m a proponent of combination therapy, meaning the right medication combined with the right therapeutic approach.  Think about this, do you want you child piling on the weight, not feeling like themselves, developing metabolic disorders like diabetes, or taking medication that quite possibly will alter their brain development? Listen, I’m not demonizing medications, quite the opposite, but be aware, question, educate yourself and see your psychiatrist

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