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Date Responsibly

biting laptopMaybe you are trying to move on from a broken marriage, or a dead end relationship, or possibly you’re just feeling lonely and you would like some adult companionship. How do you meet people, well, many click on dating sites to connect with the hope of filling the void they now have in their life. This is the reality of our internet age, however, as with everything else, there are those dark, sordid predators who will manipulate the vulnerable, crush their romantic hopes while stealing their money. This is a sobering article, sad, as this might of happened to you?  Many times we are not sure who we are really talking to, what their real age is, or where they are located (could be prison for all we know). Are they already in a romantic relationship and you are just an “adrenaline rush” for them? So many questions with few answers!

So often I have listen to my client’s tell me that these conversations turn sexually explicit quite soon and it becomes a real “turn off.”  What is the psychological impact when you find out that the person you think you have a promising relationship with actually isn’t who he or she say’s they are?  You feel violated, embarrassed, angry, and certainly betrayed!  Then you discover your credit card has been maxed out and the hurt and pain is compounded. This could lead to depression, anxiety, and despair. We all still need to have a “buyer beware” mindset that certainly applies to dating, as well.  The internet really is the “Wild West of Dating,” anything goes! You really need to be so careful, smart, and please do your research. Remember, if he or she sounds to good to be true, they might be, because we are all imperfect.

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