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Death Becomes Her?

coping-with-death-and-griefGrief is such a singular, personal, and yet, a solitary experience for many of us who experience it. How do we deal with losing someone close to us? How is that void filled, or can it be? At some point, reality will set in and we will need to move on with our lives. So, how do we? First, I believe that we need to realize that the process of grieving is different for everyone. Some will move on more quickly than another and that is okay because there is no specific time frame. Secondly, there are steps that one must go thru to truly heal in order to be able to pick up the pieces of their life, deal with their loss, heal, and begin living a meaningful life again. Third, there is an emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual impact that can seriously drain one’s capacity to move on.  How will you cope with a personal loss?

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