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Depressed? Ask to be Screened!

man-receiving-therapyThe psychic blow that depression  can cause is like nothing you have ever experienced, unless you have been depressed. It has been referred to as a being trapped in a dark abyss, feeling as though you are drowning, but you can see that everyone around you is breathing, or feeling as though you don’t even exist in your own world. These are very real, terribly isolating, and desperate feelings that millions of people, estimated to be 7% of the population, wrestle with everyday.  Are you at risk? have you asked to screened? Do you think you should? Consider the following: is your energy low, feeling sad, low, loosing interest in hobbies/pleasurable activities, feeling fatigued? If you have been dealing with these symptoms and these have lasted for more than two (2) least ask your doctor for the questionaire

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