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Divorce & Dating: Don’t Forget The Kids

Parents fighting_1_0Parents need to remember that children need to feel safe and secure within their family environment. Of course, this can dramatically change when marriages end in divorce. What follows are typically, but, not always the case,  mom, dad, or both begins to put the pieces of their life back together and starts to date. Now, a new challenge arises, what is really going to be best for the children? Parents tend to cycle in and out of these romantic relationships, sometimes they even get lucky and move in temporarily and the relationship flourishes into something wonderful and more permanent. However, many romantic encounters reach a point where it just doesn’t work and the relationship ends. I find that all too often the break up takes place, ties are cut, but the relationship for the children does not end so easily. Undoubtedly, this is complicated as each relationship is so unique in what it adds and takes away. Have you been there? What are you telling your children?

If you think that you can make a better transition than what your doing now, read ON