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Moody? Check your stats!

Bipolar womanMillions suffer in silence knowing there is something wrong, still millions more suffer with the same symptoms, however, they don’t realize that they are in reality manic depressive. The statistics are alarming, very personal, and dramatically increasing. Are you affected by this mood disorder? Does someone in your family present with symptoms of a mood disorder? Does your neighbor, or roommate, maybe partner? Look around, it’s closer than you think.

I find that many of my clients really struggle hearing that they have a mood disorder. It really comes as a surprise at first, however, as we discuss the symptoms they begin to put the intricate missing pieces of their lives together. With time their doubts and fears turn to relief and understanding. To finally have some answers to their behavior, to make some sense of their patterns of erratic outbursts, their attraction to dangerous people, situations, and addictive habits can be illuminating and exhausting. So to is coming to grips with why the multitude of projects often are started with the energy of a Walmart crowd on Thanksgiving Day, yet still remain unfinished…

If this is you or someone you know, there is hope. There is also effective treatments and therapy. Be warned that the daily path to healing is part highway, at times partially dirt road, some days it is cobblestone, and on particularly hard days it’s like walking on burning coals.

I want you to be educated about the “Ups and Downs” of this disorder. Finally, I want to personally thank one of our regular readers who personally reached out and shared this link.

What to know the stats, click HERE