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Idle Hands Make Idle Minds

children working togetherI find it amazing how common it is to hear from parents that their children don’t have chores to do around the house. The excuse range from being unable to pull them away from their phones, to being tired of the arguments, or that is just is easier to do it themselves. Let’s stop for a minute and consider what message is being communicated to our children when they are not asked to help out around the house. A sense of entitlement begins to take root, laziness sets in, and the importance of responsibility, follow through, and how to manage their money is all but lost. However, all is not lost is this innovative age of technology. Now, there is an app called ChoreMonster, take heart parents, you have some help! Parents can learn how to incentivize and teach their children to do chores around the house. This app can be used on the web and on your smart phone, and it sounds like a real game changer for parents….

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