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Never Give In, Wait…What?

couple fightingWhy is it so hard to say you’re sorry? Well, for starters, we all want to feel that we’re right about whatever was said that made the other person upset, right? However, we need to remember that we are all flawed and imperfect human beings. All too often we only see those flaws and imperfections quite clearly in others and we like to bring it to their attention so they can improve. Do we forget that we make mistakes too? I cannot tell you how many relationships become negatively impacted by the insensitive words and actions from the ones they care most about. Consider for a moment the energy that is put forth in trying to minimize or justify poor behavior in an effort to avoid apologizing for our part in the problem. Now, think about what impact an apology can have on the “receiver” and ourselves? Release the guilt and unchain yourself from the bitterness, anger, and exhaustion that the “blame game” needs to survive. So how do you say you’re sorry, deal with the regrets, and make life easier on yourself?

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