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Radicalization or Mental Illness?

muhammad_youssefAs the days move on from the tragedy in Chattanooga, Tennessee we begin to learn more about the shooter and the possible motives for the senseless spree of violence. Of course, this new information will not bring relief to the victim’s families, however, what it does bring into focus is that untreated mental illness has a tragic impact on our society. This is happening much too often, and I find myself wondering what was done to get this man help?  How much effort was put into getting him the right treatment, therapist, support etc.? Depression is a psychic blow that only those who have experienced it can fully understand. Many, self sooth thru alcohol and drugs which serve only to numb the pain temporarily. It never is the answer and never, ever work to ease the pain. Now, five good people are dead, their families lives shattered, changed forever, and now left to grief in their own way as they attempt to pick up the pieces and make sense of their loss. Is this a specific cultural issue, or is this a societal problem?

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