Fees & Policies


(individuals, adolescents, children, couples & families)


Initial Assessments:  $125 (50 minutes)

Regular Sessions:  $125 (45- 50 minutes)

Double Sessions: $250  (90-100 minutes) (ideal for couples/families)

Phone Consultations with CPS, Attorneys, or mediators: $125 per hour (15 minute increments w/min charge $50)

Completion of any client requested written letters: (e.g. schools, legal, CPS, court support, probation, character reference, family court etc.) fees apply.

Emergency Consultations (after regular business hours): $300 ( 45-50 minutes)

Court Appearances: $1500 ( 3 hour or less), $2500 (3 hours or more)

Psychiatric Services (M.D.)

Psychiatric diagnostic examination & medication evaluation: $230 per (45-50 minutes)

**Psychological evaluation is conducted by therapist prior to scheduling with Psychiatrist: $130

Follow-up Consultation (includes medication evaluation):  $120 ( 15-20 minutes)

Drug & Alcohol Assessments: $230 (60-75 minutes); $50 (expedited)

Phone Consultation:   $75  (20 minutes)

Completion of any patient requested written forms:  (e.g. SSDI, FMLA, court documents, legal letters, etc.); normal and expedited fees will be applied.

Court Appearances:  (depends on case) Fees paid in advance, 2 weeks prior notice required to clear schedule

Payment Policy


Aspire Wellness Clinic requires all clients to carry a credit card authorization on file to cover sessions and missed session fees.  Payment is expected at the time that services are rendered via payment method on file.  This is addressed at the initial consultation in order to facilitate maximum focus on therapy for the regular therapy session times.

We accept cash, debit, AMEX, Visa, Master Card, Discover, & health care savings accounts. If requested, paid invoices with diagnostic codes will be provided for submission to your insurance company.

Cancellation Policy:

When appointments are made, this time is reserved especially for the client.  In order to offer the highest quality of therapy, regular attendance is crucial.  We cannot reserve therapy time for clients who do not maintain consistent attendance.

  • Cancellations must be made by phone or text 48 business hours prior to the scheduled appointment to avoid the full session fee. Since alternative bookings with other clients are unlikely within this time frame, you will be charged the full session for a missed appointment or a late cancellation.
  • If unusual circumstances have arisen (ie true medical emergency, death in the family, or accident), please discuss this with the therapist and it will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  • As an alternative to a cancellation, we can conduct a tele-therapy session over the phone during your scheduled time slot.
  • Additionally, we understand that situations do arise.  In SOME cases, if we are able to find a mutually agreed upon time to reschedule within the same week,  the fee may not be assessed.  This is a case-by-case basis.
  • After two no-show appointments or late cancellations, you may be placed on a waiting list or terminated.

***Please note that if payment or partial payment arrangements have been made through an ecclesiastical leader or another party, you will be personally responsible for the missed appointment/cancellation fee equal to the full missed session amount***

                   All policies are strictly enforced