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Faith Crisis/Transition

“Betrayal of any kind is hard, but betrayal of one’s own religion is excruciating. It makes you want to rage and weep. It deposits a powerful energy inside. Eventually, that energy will flow out as either hostility or love. The energy must and will find a form, a shape in our lives.” -Sue Monk Kidd

Whether you call it your “Faith Crisis,” or “Faith Transition,” or others have referred to it as your the “Trial of Your Faith.” Regardless, what do you do now about this “Knowledge Crisis?” Unexpectedly, what you will begin to experience is called cognitive dissonance.  Simply stated, there is an internal conflict trying to make sense of what you thought you believed or had been taught to believe and what you now have discovered to be the actual truth. These can be dangerous encounters with facts followed by a period of “intellectual epiphany.” The word “Crisis” means being in a state of emergency. “Transition” would imply reconstruction or correction. This a defining moment of profound exploration as one chapter closes and a new one begins.

The mental anguish can be overwhelming. Anxiety and depressive symptoms are not uncommon. Difficult questions may arise like, “How can this be true? Maybe you feel like you’re dying inside because of the fear and desperation. You may have feelings of am I safe and should I share this? Do you feel alone, or is doubt clouding your mind? Are the answers you receive causing more uncertainty and bringing up more questions? Your thoughts will race, real concerns about losing friends, family and your community of worship. If these thoughts and feelings become pervasive, they will cripple your mind and squeeze your heart. It can feel gut-wrenching as you struggle with deciding the risk of coming forward with what you’ve learned. In reality, a truth seeking journey has begun. You will realize at some point that what you have learned cannot be unlearned.

Here at Aspire Wellness Clinic we create a safe place for your doubts and questions and embrace the spiritual biodiversity in each client.  There is a real paralyzing fear that many struggle to overcome; but we realize that there is something noble as you break down your beliefs. Feelings of uncertainty, pain, and betrayal often lead to depression. You don’t have to feel alone.  Let us help you to embrace your questions. Courage isn’t enough. There comes a point when the silence is too deafening, your sense of truth and reality may be too fragmented and slippery. The stress, mental fatigue, and fluctuating feelings of disconnection can also trigger other mental health issues previously undiagnosed. If medication is required, we have a psychiatrist who can diagnose and prescribe the appropriate medication for you. However, many times, having a counselor to actively listen, guide you and teach healthy coping skills will psychologically, emotionally and cognitively restore and reinvigorate.