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Southern Obsession or Cultural Tragedy?

I  have fond memories as a young boy enjoying reading and re-reading all the library books I could about the Civil confederate flagWar. Oh, how I enjoyed re-enacting the battle of Bull Run, Gettysburg, and any other battle that I could dream up. The year we traveled to the actual battlefield of Gettysburg I will never forget. I purchased a very handsome set of hand painted miniature confederate and yankee soldiers. I spent hours playing with them and I especially liked the “rebel flag.” I drew pictures of it, collected more confederate soldiers who had flag bearers, and basically fell in love with the South. Well, I was in still in sixth grade.

It was a different era, I was very young and not aware of the symbolic nature that the “stars and bars” represented. Very simply, at that time, it looked really cool and I liked the confederate gray uniforms that flew the colors. However, today…older and wiser, this little boy has grown into a man. I now realize that this flag is a symbol of hatred, racial division, slavery and inequality, and represents an era that needs to be folded up and left in the distant past. I cannot agree with the argument that we need to honor these confederate veterans by flying a confederate flag that was carried by men who fought to divide our great nation. However, I do agree they should be honored with respect, decency, and sensitivity just in another way…

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