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Who’s Better Than Me?

bookclub_narcissist1-tmagArticleWhat do  Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Oprah, Matthew McConaughey, and Kanye West all have in common? Well, besides all being celebrities, wealthy, influential, and pleasant on the eyes, what else? Yes, the world revolves around them…warmer. Ok, they all suffer from, or, rather enjoy the effects of narcissistic personality disorder. Surprised?  Yes, you have watched them on the red carpet, their movies, TV shows, videos, listened to their music, and peaked at their selfies, right? They are captivating and we pay a lot of attention to them which serves to fuel their narcissistic behavior.

We often excuse their behavior as just them being celebrities. Maybe we even secretly want to be them (you know who you are). Of course, we would never be in a relationship with someone that is so self serving that our needs don’t matter to them? Certainly not even consider having a marriage and children with a person with this kind of personality, no not me! Um, well, what happens if I did/do, I mean have? Now what do I do?

“To Stay or Not To Stay?” that becomes the difficult question especially if you think that you are suffocating in this type of a relationship. What about the children? Do you think that maybe your husband or boyfriend has it? Interestingly, studies indicate that 8% of males are narcissistic. Maybe  you suspect your wife, or, girlfriend might be a narcissist?  Well, just 5% of females demonstrate this personality disorder, thankfully! So really the question becomes multiple questions. Can and how do I heal from a separation or divorce from a narcissist? How do I comfort and heal my children? But first, you must define what a narcissist is…

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“It’s Not You, It’s Me”

imagesIf you have ever been a participant in the dating game, you have certainly heard these painful words before. Maybe, you were the one saying these words? Hey, relationships are complicated, especially when we are dealing with our emotions. Well, when these relationships due end, which gender can move on more quickly? The longer the relationship means that the break-up is that much more grueling, complicated, and emotionally devastating. Do you think men love more deeply, or do women feel more connected intellectually that moving on is almost impossible? The answers will most likely surprise you…

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Romance or Porn?

coule in bedI find it very interesting to hear how differently men and women perceive the viewing of porn. In my experience in counseling couples and individuals, the vast majority of men seem to feel that it’s fine and that they would like to watch it with their girlfriends, spouses, or significant others. While women appear to be more hesitant,  preferring to control what and when porn is viewed, if at all. These three (3) studies certainly bring some interesting statistics to the forefront for a more lively discussion. We all realize that with the proliferation of the internet, pornography is more accessible than ever and creating more relationship and societal problems, as well. How you handle it is very personal, yet, will be vitally important to the health, stability, and growth of your relationship.

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