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The Internet Addiction: Are You Listening?

kid-computerThe internet is truly a “double edged sword,” meaning it can be used for so much good, but also cause so much sadness. The tech age has made our lives faster, more efficient, more insulated, and now more closed off to what is our reality. Look around yourself, everyone has their head in a phone, terms like “text neck” are becoming a physical concern, “likes,” IMs, we are always on. More and more of my sessions are centered on couples, families, and individuals struggling to step away from their addictive tech devices. The consequences run deep as communication, personal interactions, sensitivity, and even social understanding are becoming unrecognizable.  The question becomes, “how much is too much? Boundaries have to be put in place, devices have to put down and turned off at times in order for us to reconnect. We have to look at each other and speak real words. Of course, this will quite possibly shock the person you are speaking too, but, could be very beneficial. Understand, tech is not going away, and I embrace it as should you, however, if you think that you might have a problem  READ ON