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Is The Internet Giving Us All ADHD Symptoms?

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar to you:Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 4.10.03 PM

You get into work. You’re feeling productive. You’ve powered through approximately three emails/order forms/whatever qualifies as progress in your particular industry when — BAM — your best friend signs onto Gchat and sends you a video of a dachshund puppy getting pushed around in a tiny shopping cart.

No big deal! — you think. You will return to emails in approximately five seconds, right after you check Facebook and answer that email your mom sent you about the date of your cousin’s wedding. But on


Are you a soda drinker like ME?

You know soda’s not exactly good for you—
Screenshot 2016-02-03 at 3.11.32 PM

But at the same time, it can be hard to resist. Its sweet taste, pleasant fizz, and energizing jolt often seems like just what you need to wash down your dinner, get you through an afternoon slump, or quench your thirst at the movies. We’ve all done it.  Some are addicted.

But the more soda you consume (regular or diet), the more hazardous your habit can become. And whether you’re a six-pack-a-day drinker or an occasional soft-drink sipper, cutting back can likely have benefits for your weight and your overall health. Here’s why you should be drinking less, plus tips on how to make the transition easier.

Why you should quit (keep reading HERE)


Do You Know if Your Happily Ever After is Being Threatened?

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 3.34.58 PMTop reasons couples divorce — and how to head it off

Source:  Deseret News National

Certain life events can crack a marriage, from illness to job changes, infidelity to childbirth. And when babies grow up and leave the nest, it creates another stress-inducing shock to marriage, according to Time Inc. Network’s

Dr. Elizabeth Ochoa, marriage counselor and chief psychologist at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, listed seven life events that can lead to divorce. Her list was rounded out by trauma and living apart — which includes military couples who have one spouse deployed and the other at home.


These are the reasons that dogs are man’s best friend…

9 Ways Your Dog Knows you Better Than Anyone Else

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 3.25.28 PMWhen I was in high school, I experienced my first real heartbreak. I was in the lowest of moods and moped around the house like a modern-day Eeyore. Everyone left me alone to “grieve” in peace — everyone, that is, except for my dog.

Sapp followed me around like a shadow as I sulked and quietly hid in my room to cry. He even resorted to sleeping on my pillow — right next to my face — that night. The next morning I was in better spirits (and so was he).

My story isn’t uncommon. Pups really are a man’s best friend — and there’s research that backs this up. One study found that dogs can not only read our emotions, but they act accordingly based on how we’re feeling. How’s that for intuitive?

Below are nine other ways our furry friends understand and adapt to our complex personalities, effectively making us happier and healthier humans.


7 Tips From a Dedicated Dad…

Timely advice that will help all dads to be “awesome” at work and “rock stars” at home…Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.50.27 PM

My wife and I have five kids, five unique, amazing little kids. We love eating out. We love going to the beach. We love being in public. Almost every time we’re out, we get asked, “Are those all yours?” or “Are you Catholic?” I’ll save my reaction to the first one for later, but I always answer the second with, “No, we’re just crazy.”


This is such a tragic story of one man’s suffering and 149 innocent people paying the price…

Torn-up note indicated Germanwings co-pilot hid his illness.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.40.59 PM

German investigators found antidepressants in the apartment of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz this week, according to published reports.

Die Welt, a German newspaper, cited an unidentified senior investigator who said Lubitz suffered from a severe “psychosomatic illness” and German police seized prescription drugs that treat the condition. Lubitz suffered from a “severe subjective burnout syndrome” and from severe depression, the source told Die Welt.

The New York Times also reported that antidepressants were found during the search of his apartment. CNN has not been able to confirm the reports.

Investigators continued to work Saturday to piece together the secret life of Lubitz, who officials say was hiding an illness from his employers. He had been declared “unfit to work” by a doctor.


Would you benefit from a “Hamburger meat moment?”

 What do you think?  Confused?  Read on…

Marriage tip: Stop treating your husband like a child

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.15.26 AMWomen referring to their husbands as another child is an unhealthy dynamic in a marriage relationship, according to Christine Meinecke of Psychology Today.

“Even though the appropriate model for relating to a romantic partner is adult-to-adult, most of us, when frustrated, resort to parent-to-child relating,” Meinecke wrote.

Reddit user “Fran” (pseudonym) realized she was treating her husband like a child after what she called her “hamburger meat moment.” The post, which got hundreds of responses, described Fran’s reaction to her husband’s efforts at grocery shopping:

“I started pulling things out of the bag, and realized he’d gotten the 70/30 hamburger meat — which means it’s 70 percent lean and 30 percent fat.

“I asked, ‘What’s this?’

“‘Hamburger meat,’ he replied, slightly confused.

“‘You didn’t get the right kind,’ I said ‘You got the 70/30. I always get at least the 80/20.’

“He laughed. ‘Oh. That’s all? I thought I’d really messed up or something.’ ”

Fran followed this exchange with a long tirade filled with “righteous indignation” about her husband’s lack of caring, inattention, inability to read labels and lack of knowledge about of all things, hamburger meat.

In the end, Fran’s husband looked like a scolded child, and Fran realized she’d made a mistake. “The bottom line in all this is that I chose this man as my partner. He’s not my servant. He’s not my employee. He’s not my child,” she wrote.

After an exchange at a party where he met a woman who referred to her husband as her “third child,” fatherhood blogger Frederick J. Goodall wrote: “Most men have a deep desire to feel respected. If you ask a group of men if they’d rather be respected or liked, the majority of them would say respected. When one spouse treats the other as a child, the relationship becomes unbalanced.”

Respect goes both ways, Goodall added. “Respect is something given freely and is based on love and honor. My wife encourages me and lets me know how much she appreciates the things I do for our family and I do the same for her.”

Blogger Selena Mills wrote that treating her husband like a child was “the one thing I stopped doing to improve my marriage,” but that it was “easier said than done.”

“Oh, it’s hard. So hard to bite my tongue with (not so) subtle reminders like, ‘fold all the laundry together in individual little piles, it’ll be so much easier to put away!’ Or, ‘please remember to sort the laundry!’ ” Mills wrote.

Much of the time, what motivates wives to scold their husbands is the husband’s perceived (or actual) incompetence with household chores or child care. Women spend an average of three hours a week redoing chores previously done by their husbands or partners, according to a Huffington Post report of a British study.

If quality of housework or child care is a real issue and not just a difference of opinion, that problem should be discussed as part of an adult-adult, not a parent-child, type of exchange, according to Meinecke.

“Take the opportunity to interrupt this pattern by changing the way you respond,” Meinecke wrote. “By responding constructively, you also offer your spouse a new option. With practice, any couple can transition from parent-child relating to adult-adult relating.”