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Gun Control or People Control?

SB StrongIt’s horrible, unthinkable, and now fear and paranoia has taken a firm grasp on our society. Senseless violence against coworkers who are befriended for a time, a facade if you will, only to be eventually and brutally gunned down in the name of radical Islam (ISIS)? “San Bernardino Strong,” not one citizen of this wonderful community wanted to be put on the global map this way. However, they will be forever remembered for this tragedy, and I believe this will only serve to embolden more terrorists like these two radicals to commit more violent killings.

Gun sales were already at record levels with the recent mass killings in France. Now, we have been hit on our turf, it is real! Handguns and rifle sales are surging with gun ranges reporting all time highs in activity. We want protection, to be ready and safe. Meanwhile the President argues that disarming the citizenry is the best way to proceed. Interestingly, a recent Pew research study revealed that 57% of Americans believe that owning a gun helps protect people from crime. That it is up 48% from last year!

Our country is changing as is our mindset. The psychological impact that kicks in is that of “self-preservation.” On one level, this is our capacity or desire to anticipate dangerous situations and to respond to the cues that anxiety provokes in each of us. Also, this approach to self-care means that we become more self assertive in protecting ourselves and those whom we care about. This may well be one of the primary motivational reason people are buying their very first guns.

Where do we go from here? the Muslim community leadership admits that they are conflicted about having to come out and apologize for every incident that takes place with one of their own. Their people are afraid to come out in public because of the perceived and very real scrutiny. I do recognize their feelings and this is a polarizing point of growing contentiousness. There is increasing talk of possible internment camps to monitor all of the muslims, like there were with the Japanese Americans during World War II here in the United States. I’m a student of World War II and have read and known survivors who have personally sat me down and explained the horrors and atrocities of the holocaust. These discussions bring personal feelings of disgust and provoke deep swells of troubling uncertainty. The muslim community must police themselves, if not, this will quickly become something none of us wants or can stomach… EVERY LIFE MATTERS!!!




Why Do We Kill?

LeoIs their deep within each of us a desire to kill, or at the very least, a desire to feel the power that we actually have the capacity to do so? What drives a person to kill an innocent animal? Is this a “lust for blood,” or is it just the adrenaline rush that one experiences during the thrill of the “hunt?” Once again, violence comes into full focus this week as, “Cecil the lion,” was gunned down by an unassuming, hunting enthusiast, who happens to be from the United States. This has caused quite an uproar on social media, talk shows, the internet, and blogs, like this. We examine the want, maybe even the sport of taking life. Are these everyday people who hunt, in this case the hunter is your neighborhood dentist, clinically insane, paranoid, obsessive, or just simply bad and angry? Look around you, you may have friends and family who hunt, maybe you do? What is it that drives them to kill, maybe the power to take life, or does it make them feel alive…

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