Depression Treatment in Temecula, CA

Treatment in Temecula, CA

Depression Treatment

Depression arises throughout the course of our lives. We all experience bouts of sadness and unhappiness. Feelings of sadness can develop because of loss, change, disappointment or a general malaise. Many times these feelings of sadness dissipate over a short period of time. However, sometimes these feelings seem to persist and may interfere with one’s ability to cope with daily life and responsibilities.

Symptoms of Depression

The typical signs and symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder may include:

Diagnosis of Depression

Accurate diagnosis of depression is very important and often involves a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s history and current functioning. Sometimes this is done through an interview with a clinician during the course of therapy and sometimes this is done through a more comprehensive psychological evaluation (to rule out other potential issues). Often a therapist will ask many questions throughout the evaluation process (whether it is simply an interview or a more formal psychological evaluation) that assesses a client’s history of symptoms


The above list is a sampling of symptoms one may experience when struggling with depression. However, everyone is unique so different symptoms that are not listed may show up. Thus, this list should not be considered inclusive of all potential symptoms of depression. In addition, some of the symptoms listed may be representative of other psychological or medical problems. This is why proper assessment and diagnosis is so critical to proper depression treatment.

These symptoms often interfere with one’s ability to carry on with their daily responsibilities.